Directed by fund compliance professionals, FundComply is singularly
focused on providing federal and state compliance services to private funds.
By focusing on these needs, we have integrated services and technology to better
manage compliance, in may cases reducing legal compliance costs by 50-75%.


Reyner Meikle has two decades of fund compliance experience

Reyner S. Meikle, Jr.

Reyner serves as President and CEO of Agile Legal, a legal services company which provides a range of compliance and legal support solutions to small and midsize companies. Reyner has served in the legal services industry for more than sixteen years in a number of capacities including private practice advising small and midsize businesses on a range of legal topics, as well as in-house roles such as Associate General Counsel and as Vice President of Midmarket, roles focused on compliance and governance. During his career, Reyner has worked with hundreds of law firms and corporate legal departments across the country, developing a thorough understanding of compliance and governance issues, including fund compliance.

Peter McGale has been delivering fund compliance services for over thirty years

Peter McGale
Managing Director

Peter has more than 30 years’ experience delivering legal information and compliance services to firms requiring emerging technology or innovative service solutions. Peter has served the legal services industry in several capacities including as a founding member and Vice President of Sales for a pioneer in the databasing of public records information before being sold to Lexis Nexis. Peter has also worked as a Corporate Consultant, focusing on fund compliance and regulatory support for private funds and businesses.